3D sleutelhanger Fairy and Cat



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Sleutelhanger 3D Key ring Fairy and cat

afbeelding aan beide zijden van de sleutelhanger


This 3D keyring comes from the magical mind of gothic and fantasy artist James Ryman. Standing in a secluded garden, hidden by foliage and framed by flowers, this fairy is barefoot and wears a long white dress with a flower crown. Their chestnut hair falls over their shoulders, and from their back their orange and black butterfly wings are relaxed. They’re hugging a black cat lovingly, which in turn nuzzles them as it curls its tail around them. Behind them, fairy lights sparkle amongst the bushes. Already a beautiful picture, the 3D effect adds an extra touch of depth and realism to the already fantastic art. A perfect gift for those who want a touch of mystery and wonder with them wherever they go.


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donkere steen, gemiddelde kleur steen, lichte steen


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