Mondkapje dubbel laags katoen met filter

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Mondkapje van katoen in mooie variaties


Dubbellaags 100% katoen

Van het merk zelf over deze mondkapjes:
These fab face covers are almost too good-looking! They’re really cool with their 100% cotton good looks, double layered and fitted with a removable filter. Choose from five lush shades and mix and match with your outfits for a cool, together look. They’re easily washable, very practical, and reusable many, many times. If you want to make a splash the beautiful floral print is perfect for drama and colour, and they’re available in adult size. When you want to take care of your fellow humans through the Covid crisis but also want to look good, this is your face cover.

merk: wicked dragon

Wicked Dragon ziet erop dat hun producten eerlijk gemaakt worden of handgemaakt in de UK.

Dus fairtrade en/of handmade producten van goed materiaal!



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Groen, Rood, Roze, turkoois, Zwart


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